Hugo Corbucci

My history

I was born in the country side of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Lived my early childhood in Paris, France and then moved back to the city of São Paulo where I finished school at Lycée Pasteur and passed the Baccalauréat exam in the Scienfitic specialization.

Afterwards, I joined the Mathematics and Statistics Institute at University of São Paulo where I graduated in Computer Science and followed with a masters about Agile Methods and Open Source communities. Once I finished, I moved to Chicago to work at ThoughtWorks.

During this time, I was strongly involved with the open source community in Brazil as well as an agile methodology group called AgilCoop. Those led me to become part of the organizing committee for Agile Brazil and, later, a board member for Agile Alliance Brazil. I also started a project for an open source cad called Archimedes and a company called Agilbits with college friends.


I like to travel and discover new places and new people. Here is a little map with all the cities I've been to for at least 48 hours. Orange markers represent cities I've been to for work purposes, green ones are leisure trips and the purple ones are conferences I've attended.