Hugo Corbucci

Quick me

I'm a consultant at ThoughtWorks. I've been writing software since 2004 in Java, Ruby and Javascript mostly. I speak fluently French, Portuguese and English. Currently working in the United States.

I like writing code, drinking wine, cooking, rock climbing, travelling and having long discussions about anything. Check out this page for more details on me.

I try to release most of my work under a copyleft license as you can see in my github profile. Some of those projects along with others that are client's properties, you can find on my projects page.

I'm not a frequent writer but I try to contribute with what I can. Managed to get now 3 books published and a few more articles which you can find on my publications page. I've also included some of my presentations there but you can find the rest on slideshare.

Finally, I used to have a blog very focused on Eclipse and its Rich Client Platform called CodeAche but has been abandoned ever since I stopped working with them.


If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, just shoot me an email at <my first name>.<my last name> Otherwise tweet to @hugocorbucci.

If you want more details about my professional life, feel free to poke around LinkedIn or check my resume.